looking at the sky makes me sad;

i can't see the stars tonight either。

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I can't see them.

Whenever I try to look up at the night sky, all I see is black, black, black black black. There isn't a sign of the familiar sparkles that glittered insanely whenever the sun tucks itself away for another night, another day. Where did they go? Are they hiding from me? I'd try to make a wish, but then I don't have a star light, star bright to recite the nursery rhyme for. So I just resort to pretending, resort to believing that they're still there (I still remember what they looked like, bright, twinkles a lot, and--), because what else have I got?

I'm nothing but a piece of scum who's down on his luck, with no one else to go to but the ones I pretend are still there, but even that is sad in of itself. The ones I always trusted to stay, the ones I knew would never go away, are now gone, missing, and banned from ever showing their faces to me.

Y halo thar, guys! Fizzy here, welcoming you to my own shiny graphics community. My work will mostly focus on jrock artists, but expect the unexpected sometimes. You never know when kpop, stock photos, anime, or even kittens will pop up. I'm not too big on putting text/brushes/patterns/textures on icons, but I might try to do it here and there. Most of the time, however, I'll be showing you the beauty of manipulating colours and layers. I'm a really lazy-ass iconmaker, by the way, so my posts will come few and far in betwen. Anywho, that's all for an introduction. Enjoy your stay!

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